الثلاثاء، 8 سبتمبر 2015

My Father

Every one of us , and during his life time will meet numbers of people , persons , some of them will come and go with not leaving any sign that he , she , passed , and some of them will leave big , great and influential signs , they will leave a lot of experiences for us to learn from.

One, only one, of them will leave his marks engraved in a very deep way in your life, and this one will be an Idol of, he will be the role module of one’s life, you will follow his teachings, sayings, instructions even after he passes to the last life.

For me , my role module , my Icon is my Father, he was not only a father , but a close friend , a warm person where I can lay my problems with no hesitation , for I am sure there will be a salutation , he made everything for me , and my family look s so easy , why worry he kept on saying , just do your best , and the solution will come , he kept on saying don’t make money your far end , money comes and goes , but your good deeds will be everlasting.

My role model, my Father, is and will be my guide and the spirit that will lead me to what is wrong and right, shining in front of me to let me pass through dark roads and to find the way to humanitarian service, his smile will inspire me not only in my personal life but also in my professional life, a father, a friend and a judge.

Father , role model , be sure , rest in your everlasting sleep , grave , that you have never left us , me, and your laugh , spirit will be with me , down and in , there in my mind , spirit , you will be as you used to be the one I follow with no hesitation.

Allah blesses you in your everlasting home.